To Shave, or Not to Shave… That is the Question

Okay, we’re all adults here, right?  So let’s speak frankly: Many Divorced Over 50 types went two or three decades with just one sexual partner, their spouse. (or, if they had other partners, perhaps that’s why they are now Divorced Over 50…).   And in that time, certain styles, and trends, and norms have changed. Which, as we older folks begin new relationships that include intimacy, can cause some anxiety.  As in, so what the hell am I supposed to do with my pubic hair?  

It seems like much of the talk centers on women, but so often in terms of what men expect.  In fact, the recent post that linked to Huffington had this piece in the sidebar, illustrating men’s attitudes toward the various choices women make.

Flipping the script, though, a very funny writer named Liesl Testwuide has produced a great piece about men and “manscaping.”  There’s even a brilliant short video embedded in the post.

Take a look, and let’s discuss.  Ladies, do you agree with Liesl’s bottom line about men?  And as for yourself, do you feel pressured to do things down there that you don’t want to do?  Or are you doing what you want for you?

Men, are you grooming?  And if so, where and how much?  Are you doing it because you like it that way, or because you think it’ll make you more attractive to women?  And do you care about the choice your partner makes?