10 Tips on Seducing a Woman… From a Woman

Guys, do you find that you’ve got no game when on a first date or trying to approach a woman in a social setting?  No?  Not you — you’re great at it?  Really?  Oh, but you do have a friend who could use some guidance.  Of course… 

Perhaps you’ll want to point your “friend” to this piece in which writer Walker Thornton lists ten things men better remember when interacting with women if they hope to have any chance of moving forward. And, no pressure, but Thornton claims women get a good indication of your sexual skills by how you perform in other situations.  Some of her points:

  • Ask her questions, don’t make it a monologue about how wonderful you are.
  • Seek her consent on the little things.  Is it okay if you sit next to her?  Can you get her something from the bar?
  • No surprise-attack first kisses.  Approach with care, and maybe even ask for permission.
  • Skip the angry rants about your ex-wife or your job.  Anger and intimacy do not mix.

If your “friend” follows those suggestions, and her others, he might just stand a chance.  We wish “him” luck (wink, wink).