Dealing With His or Her Adult Children

If you’re making progress in a new relationship, at some point you’re likely to meet his or her children.  But just because they may be adults, don’t assume that dealing with them will be easier than if they were younger. 

According to this piece from Mature Dating Talk, the key is understanding that these adults have a better sense of what’s going on, and may be more likely to see you as a replacement for the absent parent.  But by keeping a few things in mind, you should be able to navigate those tricky waters.  Among the suggestions:

  • Have realistic expectations — you are not going to become the Brady Bunch.
  • Even though you’re dealing with an adult, avoid treating him or her like a friend or colleague.
  • Don’t try too hard to make a good impression.
  • Accept that you’ll never be a parent to him or her, so avoid acting like one.

More details in the article.