Find the Happiness Within

Being Divorced Over 50, we’ve had to let go of plenty of things from our lives.  For one, the expectation of living out our days with our spouse and keeping our family intact.  For many of us, no matter how badly we wanted out of our marriage, that was difficult.  It was painful.  It hurt.

But are there things in our lives that we should actively try to let go?  And by doing so, can that help make us happier? 

That’s the premise of this article from Tiny Buddha, a self-improvement site which has nothing to do with Divorce or being Over 50.  But the lessons of this piece are so meaningful and so universal it had to be shared.

The author, Sumitha Bhandarkar, makes it personal, explaining that she spent most of her life chasing happiness.  If she just got into a good college, she’d be happy.  Then, if she just got a good job, she’d be happy.  And then, if she just got a promotion and a raise, she’d be happy.  The moving happiness goalposts applied to her personal life as well:  find the right guy… get married… have a baby…

As she says, it was a futile pursuit.  And then a near tragedy changed her perspective.  And brought her to the realization that happiness is already within us, we just need to clear out the clutter to find it.  And so, she’s produced a list of 16 things she’s chosen to let go, in order to clear that path to happiness.

It’s well worth your time to check out her list, and take her lessons to heart.