Make Your On-Line Profile Shine

Are you doing on-line dating but not getting the results you’re hoping for?  Maybe you’re using the wrong pictures. Maybe your write-up isn’t all it could be (while still staying basically true…).  Maybe you’re literally sending the wrong message when you start emailing with a potential date. Luckily, there are experts for this topic.

From the U.K.’s Daily Mail, here’s a very complete guide to making your best possible impression in the on-line dating world.  Starting with your profile picture, it delves into what works best for both men and women (women should pose indoors, men outdoors), what you should mention in your profile (men can note they have children, women should save that news for later), and what to say when you start communicating with a potential date (flirty words increase responses for a woman, they decrease them for a man).

Definitely worth a read if you’re on-line but they’re not lining up to date you.  And it couldn’t hurt to understand these principles if you think you may get on line in the future.