What’s the Right Amount of Exercise?

It’s plainly obvious that people who exercise are more likely to live longer, and better, than people who don’t.  But the question is, how much exercise is the right amount?

In other words, can anyone say, “X amount of exercise provides the maximum benefit, and doing more won’t really to make any difference.”

This article from the the New York Times summarizes two large studies on exercise and longevity, and provides that analysis.  Bottom line: working out 150 minutes per week reduced risk of death by 31%. Bumping up to 450 minutes (a bit over an hour a day) reduced risk by 39%.  But doing more did not make any difference.  What do you think?  Willing to work out three times as much for an 8% increase?

Check out the article for more detail, including how “vigorous” effort fits into the equation.