Celebrate Your Divorce? Absolutely!

When we were kids, it seemed like there was a shame about getting Divorced.  Those going through it felt like failures, and were the objects of sympathy or pity.  If the neighbors’ split was discussed at your family dinner table, it was in hushed, sad tones (though your parents probably gossiped about it giddily when they were alone).

Today, Divorce has become so common — particularly in our Over 50 demographic — we almost greet the news with a “So what else is new?” attitude.  But is it possible for divorcing people to not only avoid feeling shame, but to actually celebrate their divorce?  

As we say in our mission statement here at DO50:

Divorce isn’t something to be taken lightly, and it’s never easy.  But it can provide an opportunity to start over, hit the reset button, and move forward into a happy, fulfilling, and exciting life.

Julie Danielson, writing for The Mid, has a similar attitude, but takes it a step further. She says her life got better because she had the courage to get a divorce, and she celebrates that decision. Her marriage was not a failure — it produced two wonderful children. And the lessons she took from that marriage helped her develop new criteria for her next relationship, allowing her to move forward, eventually meeting and marrying the exact right man for her.  She even acknowledges that her ex-husband is with a wonderful new woman, who communicates with him better than she ever did.

Julie concludes her piece with the perfect response when you hear someone is is getting divorced: “I’m sorry, and congratulations.”  Check it out — it’s a good read…