Online Dating Advice From a Grandma

What in the world could a grandmother teach any of us about online dating?  Well, if that grandma is London based journalist Monica Porter, quite a lot.

Porter thought her days of romance were over when her long-term relationship ended about two years ago.  She moped around for a couple months, but finally, at the urging of friends, decided to take a shot at online dating. And now she wakes up thankful every day that she and the ex split up.  In fact, she’s found life as a single sexagenarian to be such an adventure that she even wrote a book — Raven: My year of dating dangerously...Raven, My Year of Dating Dangerously — about it.

In this article, Porter says she spent a year meeting dozens of men through dating sites; men that varied greatly in age and occupation, cultural and ethnic background, and socio-economic status. From that experience she offers a number of tips for both men and women.  She suggests everyone stay skeptical of what they read on a dating site; be on guard against scams; keep a tight grip on your emotions; and practice safe sex.

Additionally she offers tips on preparing your on-line profile, throws in some commentary about her time on Tinder, and passes on some advice specifically for men (including guys pay for the first date, no matter what).  It’s a very thorough examination of the topic, and worth a read if you’re currently dating online, or considering it.