Ready to Lose Your Post-Divorce Virginity?

If you were a good boy or girl during your marriage and never cheated, going through a Divorce Over 50 means you’ll (hopefully, eventually) be having sex with someone new for the first time in a few decades.  And, depending on how long and how acrimonious the break up of your marriage was, it may be the first time having sex with anyone in a year or more. Creating a situation not unlike losing your virginity all over again.  

This piece from lists nine tips for newly single people as they get back in the proverbial saddle.  Among the pieces of advice:

  • Don’t be in a rush — take some time post-divorce to get yourself together emotionally.
  • Realize the first relationship is transitional — it’s a “healer,” not a “keeper.”
  • Learn to say “Not yet” if you’re not ready — if your potential partner reacts badly, you know you made the right choice.
  • Be smart — practice safe sex until you’re both tested and have been monogamous six months.

And another word of wisdom that wasn’t listed as a tip, but is just as important, certainly for Over 50’s: Don’t call attention to, or apologize for, your perceived physical inadequacies.  Rather, focus on telling your partner how attractive he or she is.  As the doctor quoted in the piece concludes, “People just want someone who’s into it, and into them.”