Sex and the Postmenopausal Woman

We recently highlighted a piece by Robin Korth about the difficulties she experiences in having sex as a postmenopausal woman in her sixties.  Interestingly and admirably, she found the positive in her situation, discovering that it’s led to deeper, more honest relationships.

Erica Jagger (a pen name, and a good one…), who runs the A Sexy Woman of a Certain Age blog,  wrote a piece concerning Korth’s article.  Jagger was pleased to note she had not experienced any of the problems that Korth had — until she realized she hadn’t gone through menopause yet.  Uh-oh.  

Jagger, who says her libido only got stronger in middle age, was understandably concerned and curious about what lay ahead.  So she polled her contemporaries on Facebook, and wrote up some of their responses.

A few of her friends had had no changes, others needed lubes and some prescription help.  Most interestingly, two of her friends made the point that there was too much focus, and associated worry, about sexual intercourse.  They commented that penetration is just one of many forms of sexual intimacy; as one said, “Cake is great, but so is pie.”

Jagger has written follow-up pieces on this post, and promises more in the future.  If this topic resonates with you, it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on her blog.