The Price, and the Gift, of Sex Over 50

All of us Over 50’s are all too aware of the changes that occur to our bodies as we age.  More pounds, less hair, crinkly eyes, creaky knees.  And, oh yeah, those changes to our sex organs and their performance. 

Sixtyish Robin Korth, writing in her Robin In Your Face blog, offers a blunt, honest, piece about the effects age has had on her sexuality, and what she goes through in dealing with those changes.  Korth says her libido is energetic; her interest in male companionship is alive; her hips, arms, and lips all function perfectly, yet it’s just not working for her.  Not only does her body no longer flow into instant action, she’s often endured days of pain after intercourse.

Nevertheless, Korth says she’s able to manage these difficulties. And in fact, she’s found the changes to be a gift, as they’ve forced her to rethink what she wants in a relationship with a man.  Now she needs the freedom and trust of truly knowing someone, because she has to be comfortable telling him, and showing him, what’s necessary for her to have satisfying sex.  Her openness and honesty leads him to be the same, allowing them to have a vibrant sex life and strong spiritual connection.

This piece is a very interesting read.  Korth’s openness and honesty is amazing, and the way she finds the positive in a less-than-ideal situation is inspiring.