Wintertime, and the Dating is Easy…

divorced over 50

For most of us, the Christmas/Hanukah and New Year’s holidays embody a number of traditions: Spending time with family (while trying to maintain sanity), making resolutions (which never get kept), watching college football bowl games (that are rarely very exciting).

And now, according to industry experts, there’s another seasonal tradition: It kicks off a boom in online dating.

A number of factors contribute to the uptick in online activity. Perhaps the disappointment of being alone over the holidays is inspiration. Some might even make going online a New Year’s resolution. And the cold weather may play a part — it’s only natural to want someone to stay in and cuddle up with.

So, if online dating is part of your plan, are you ready? 

We’ve written a couple of pieces about online dating, the first about getting your profile together and going live, and the second covering how to approach and respond to others, as well as going on the first date.

This article from the Washington Post is a simpler, quicker look at online dating, and might be the place to start if you’re thinking about it. Some of its basic points include:

  • Read the other party’s profile, and be specific when you contact him or her.
  • Start a conversation with a question, but make it multiple choice.
  • Get offline and meet in person as soon as possible; the longer it takes, the less likely it’ll happen.
  • Your profile photos should include a full-body shot; avoid group pictures and wearing sunglasses.
  • Women can use emojis, but men should avoid them.

Check out the WaPo piece, and if you want to dig deeper, you’ll find more info in the Divorced Over 50 articles. Online dating is a whole new world to most DO50’s, so the more you prepare, the more likely you are to have a good experience.