Kegels — They Do a Body Good

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Everyone familiar with Kegel exercises?

As you likely know, doing Kegels helps maintain pelvic muscle fitness, which is good for bladder and bowel control, as well as sexual function.

But here are two things you may not know: (1) There is actually an organization called the National Association for Continence, and (2) said organization has determined that 40 percent of women are doing their Kegels incorrectly. So for you ladies, here’s an article from MiddlesexMD about how to do them right. It’s quite detailed, and includes some very descriptive language about what you should be imagining as you flex those muscles.

And guys, you can benefit from Kegels, also. Here’s a piece from the Mayo Clinic on why and how you should do them, too.  It’s much simpler, but then again, so are men…

As the ladies’ article says, “Good pelvic health is everyone’s right.” Get yours into shape now!