Finding Love Again Is All About The Attitude

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Did you stay in a bad marriage out of fear?

And was one of those fears a concern about being alone? Were you worried that you would never find love again?

Or, if you’re Di-Curious and still in your troubled marriage, is that one of the issues holding you  back from getting out?

There’s no denying that that particular fear is real, and it’s scary. But we all have the power to overcome it by doing one thing: changing our attitude.

That’s the premise of Ken Solin’s piece in Senior Living entitled Never Too Late To Find Love.  Solin, a writer and dating coach we’ve linked to previously, says that too many boomers and seniors believe it’s too late for them to fall in love. That thinking, he says, becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. You don’t believe anyone will ever love you, and sure enough, no one does.

But, if you adopt an attitude that love is still out there, and you’re determined to find it, your chances go up tremendously. Solin believes that attitudinal change will do more good than getting into better shape or sprucing up your online profile.  He believes that positivity comes through in every email you send and phone conversation you have, and that if you believe in your heart that you’re desirable, others are going to find you that way, too.

In other words, the Love Boat hasn’t sailed, and you can still book your ticket on the journey.