Resuming Dating Can Be Similar to Finding a Job

Which sounds more difficult to you?

Returning to work after a long absence, or resuming dating after not doing it for twenty-five years?

In a really nifty blog post, “Divorcierge” Karen Bigman takes the lessons she learned when returning to work after being a stay-at-home mom, and applies them to getting back into the dating game when her 25 year marriage ended. 

In her piece, 8 Ways Returning to Dating is Just Like Returning to Work, Bigman lists the principals she feels work for both. Since this site deals with moving through Divorce rather than seeking employment, here’s a rundown of those eight, with a quick explanation applicable to dating.

  1. Study the market – online dating has changed the game. And the old rules don’t apply
  2. Self-evaluate – what are you looking for? What can you compromise about, and what’s a deal-breaker?
  3. Build confidence – what makes you special and attractive?
  4. Network – let friends and family know you’re available. Put yourself out there.
  5. Reach out – take a risk and invite people to do something fun with you.
  6. Follow up – if you like them, let them know. Stay in touch.
  7. Learn from experience – even bad dates are educational.
  8. Move on – don’t take rejection personally.

Bigman’s post contains a lot of good ideas about dating, with the added of bonus of fine suggestions about finding a job. Check it out.