Check Your Over 50 Sex IQ

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So how did you learn about sex when you were a kid?

Did a parent take you aside for “The Talk”? Or was it an older sibling or friend who clued you in?

And then, how did you supplement your education? Perhaps some furtive reading of your parents’ copy of Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Sex But Were Afraid to Ask, or The Joy of Sex?

Now, as an Over 50, it’s likely you think you know it all about the topic. But here’s the thing: Our bodies have changed, and there is new information we need to take in. Has your knowledge kept up?

This comprehensive post from WebMD offers a number of quizzes and slide shows concerning sexuality and people Over 50. Topics include how sex can get better with age; menopause and its potential problems; the effects of food and drink on erectile dysfunction; exercises for better performance; and more. So check it out — you’ve got nothing to lose, and perhaps a lot to learn.

(And here’s one free answer to a quiz: Yes, people who have more orgasms have been proven to live longer).