Change Your Mindset To Speed Divorce Recovery

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Going through a Divorce can be one of the most difficult experiences in life.

Even if you wanted your Divorce Over 50, it’s still a painful process, complete with anxiety, upset, and anger. And if you didn’t want it, it can be absolutely devastating.

But, as we say here all the time, a Divorce Over 50 may not be ideal, but it does give you a chance to hit the reset button, get back to being who you want to be, and move forward into a brighter future.  And we’ve outlined three stages of a DO50 — Survive, Revive, then Thrive — and produced our free Roadmap to serve as a guide.

That’s the easy part; the hard part is actually moving forward. You don’t just start feeling better about yourself and your situation — you need to take action to create that better future.

Hopefully this site has provided information for you concerning that process. And along those lines, here’s another article — 6 Ways to Triumph During the Transition of Divorce — should be valuable when fighting your way out of the Survive Stage.

Read the full article, but here are its Six Ways adapted for those going through a Divorce Over 50:

  1. Acceptance. You can’t deal with this huge change in your life if you refuse to acknowledge reality. You need to accept “what is,” rather than continue wishing for “what should be.”
  2. Find the Positive. Some good things will come from your Divorce. It can be a wake up call to reconsider your course in life. It can provide unexpected new opportunities.
  3. Stop Negative Self-Talk. We all say negative things to ourself — but so often they are not true. What would your life be like if you stopped believing your own lies?
  4. Connect With Others. Fight the urge to isolate and retreat; instead, you need to be around others. You need to talk about it, whether to friends, in a support group, or with an individual therapist or coach.
  5. Focus on Progress, Not Perfection. Perfection is an unattainable myth. Give yourself permission to be flawed. Set achievable goals for yourself, and celebrate the incremental progress you make.
  6. Practice Gratitude. No matter how badly your Divorce is making you feel, you still have plenty to be grateful for. You’re alive. You’ve got a roof over your head, running water, etc. Yes, things might be really, really awful right now, but you’re still so much better off than so many other people in so many places.

Again, it’s not easy, and it’s not fun. But you can move through your Divorce and create the better future you deserve!