Facial Exercises For a More Youthful Appearance

Many Over 50’s work out to keep their bodies healthy and looking good (or, at least as good as possible). Perhaps they run, cycle, take a class, use the machines at the gym, or a  combination of those methods. For those who are time-challenged, alternatives exist like the scientific 7 Minute Workout we wrote about in June.

But when it comes to our faces, and trying to keep them as healthy, youthful, and attractive as possible, many Over 50’s just assume their only choice is to see a doctor. Even those who diligently work their below-the-neck muscles believe the only hope for their face is treatments, injections, or even plastic surgery.

But what if you could regain your youthful appearance by simply exercising your facial muscles instead of seeing a doctor? Would’t that be an easier,  better, and much less expensive way to go?  

Author Catherine Pez has developed a program she calls Facial Gymnastics, which she presents in her book, The 5-Minute Facial Workout —  30 Exercises for a Naturally Beautiful Face.  Pez says that both men and women will quickly benefit from her techniques, which work for people of any age and with any skin type.

Pez’s book offers a minimal, but informative text section explaining the fundamentals of Facial Gymnastics, but the bulk covers those 30 specific exercises.  The exercises target particular problems areas, such as the neck, mouth, eyes, and forehead. You contract a certain muscle for five or ten seconds, repeating ten times. Each user can put together his or her own plan, based on the needs he or she is seeing in the mirror.

Certainly five minutes a day can produce some terrific results.

I’ve been doing facial gymnastics for a while now, and I think it’s working. Here’s what I looked like when I started…

7.11.16 old man


And now…


So, there may be something to it…

Anyway, if you do the 7 Minute Workout for your below-the-neck muscles, and the 5 Minute Facial Workout for your above-the-neck muscles, then throw in some Kegels for the nether regions, you will really be setting yourself up to Thrive as you move into that brighter future beyond your Divorce Over 50…