Make Good Health a Part of Your Revive Stage

divorced over 50, gray divorce

The three stages of a Divorce Over 50 are (as you hopefully know by now) Survive… Revive… and Thrive.

It’s in the middle stage, Revive, where you get to completely focus on yourself. Your needs, your issues, your interests, your growth, whatever you want.

And one of the best choices you can make is to improve every aspect of your health.

The good folks at WebMD have provided a  quite comprehensive slideshow covering many of the things we Over 50’s can do for our health.

The suggestions are simple, and it’s really no stretch to put them into practice. Of course they include eating right, but it’s more about reducing sodium and consuming the right kind of fat, rather than going vegan (not that there’s anything wrong with vegans…).  And sure, WebMD wants you working out, but in addition to  cardio and strength training, they offer some balance exercises that are important as we age. They also note that exercise may reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s.

Other suggestions stress the importance of being social, being sexual, and using sunscreen.

Obviously it’s important for all of us to make healthy choices, regardless of our marital status or Divorce stage. But for those in the midst of their Revival, a move toward better health can be an additional, and very important, step that will help them truly Thrive going forward.