Dating in the Modern Age

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Technology has changed so many aspects of our lives, and dating is no exception.

For many Divorced Over 50’s, the last time you dated involved a phone call over a land line, or perhaps a note written on a piece of lined notebook paper.

There’s no doubt that the new technology can make dating much easier, and give you many more opportunities to meet someone. But it would be a mistake to jump into that brave new world without doing some preparation.

This article from offers a nice overview of what to expect, and what choices make the most sense.

You’ll find a good rundown on the various online sites, tips on texting etiquette, and commentary on the “new rules .”

There’s also an analog look at some of the things that don’t change, plus guidance on what you’ll be judged on while doing all that dating.

You can find more information regarding dating as a DO50 in the Dating, Romance, & Sex section of this site.

One important note: Do not feel pressured, whether by friends, family, or that little voice in your head, to begin dating after Divorce. You, and only you, will know when the time is right. Furthermore, it’s possible you may choose not to date again. Which is fine, as well.

Remember, this post Divorce time is all about you. And when it comes to getting out there again, you decide when, or even if, you will.