Super Foods for Over 50’s

gray divorce, divorced over 50

In working your way through your Divorce Over 50, there will almost certainly be times when you’re unhappy, stressed, and feeling low. And that’s why a meal like the one pictured above can be exactly what you need.

But, because you know it’s vitally important to maintain your health as you move toward your brighter future, you recognize that a Triple-Triple and fries should be a real rarity. And that for the vast majority of meals you need to eat smart.

To help you make good choices, AARP has helpfully provided a slide show featuring 15 Super Foods for Over 50’s.

Sure, it contains some of the boring basics you’d expect — kale, oatmeal, asparagus. But those are offset by treats like dark chocolate, coffee, and blueberries.

So check it out. And if someone knows what quinoa is and how to eat it, please leave that info in the comments section.