Valentine’s Day When You’re Divorced Over 50

divorced over 50, gray divorce, valentines day

Valentine’s Day is upon us. How does that make you feel?

For many Divorced Over 50’s, particularly those at the very start of their process, February 14th can be a painful time. It can seem quite strange to be alone on a day that’s all about being part of a loving couple. Although, for those who endured a long, difficult marriage and are happy to be out, their first single V.D. can be a relief, as they no longer have to pretend there’s something to celebrate.

Either way, it’s an adjustment to be solo on Valentine’s Day — just another of the many changes one goes through as part of a DO50.

To help you deal with this one, here’s a post from Buzzfeed, offering 27 Lovely Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day If You’re Single. Culled from suggestions offered by the Buzzfeed community, you’ll see they include the positive (go to the gym), the negative (wallow), and plenty that fall in between (spend it with your siblings).

These Buzzfeed suggestions are aimed at its very broad community. Do we have any thoughts specifically tailored to DO50’s?