Tips For First Date Conversation

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For many Divorced Over 50’s, the last time they had to make first date conversation was the Reagan Administration.

“I don’t know, I think ‘Big’ was kinda overrated. And come on, Tom Hanks — that guy’s not a movie star.”

If you’re back on the dating circuit, or think you may be at some point in the future, it’s only natural to have some anxiety about what to say to a new person during that initial date. Luckily, Time Magazine has offered up “5 Things Research Says You Should Talk About” on a first date. 

Here’s a rundown on their suggestions:

  • Talk travel, not movies. Since a lot of travel conversation includes holidays and dream destinations, it engenders good feelings and makes you seem more attractive.
  • It’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it. Try to be an active participant in the conversation, neither dominating nor being passive. Display warmth, and genuine interest in what your date is talking about.
  • Share secrets. Offering emotional, personal information can create powerful feelings of connection.
  • Go for the controversial. Both parties will enjoy the conversation more if covers hot-button topics instead of the mundane.
  • Ask if he or she likes the taste of beer. Those who do are significantly more open to sex on the first date.

Since those recommendations are for the general dating populace, I’ll offer one specifically for Divorced Over 50’s: Don’t dwell on your Divorce or your ex. It’s only natural for your date to ask, “So, what happened in your marriage?” Be prepared to answer briefly, avoiding anger or bitterness. And then move on, keeping the suggestions above in mind.

The Time article contains more detail, and is also chock-full of links to other content you’ll likely find valuable and interesting. And then those articles link to still others of value. Really, start with this one, and just see where it takes you…