One-on-One Coaching From Divorced Over 50

The goal of this website is to assist as many people as possible in moving through their Divorce Over 50. 

Healing after Divorce can’t be rushed, and everyone will do it at his or her own pace. But brighter days are ahead. You can get through it, and begin to thrive once again.

In fact, while acknowledging that Divorce is painful and not the ideal, many of us have eventually found ourselves so much happier than we were in our marriages, living lives far better suited to who we truly are. 

And now, to take that assistance to an even higher level, Divorced Over 50 is offering one-on-one coaching.  

So what’s coaching, and why might it benefit you? Here’s the detailed, formal explanation:  

Coaching is a support system that provides a client with a safe, private opportunity to discuss his or her issues. Coaches ask powerful questions that highlight both the client’s strengths and areas in need of development, helping the client uncover his or her own wisdom and solutions. As a detached thinking and accountability partner, the coach allows the client to set the agenda, then assists in the setting of goals, planning, and strategy. The client gains new perspective on his or her situation, as well as inspiration and motivation to pursue the expanded options now available.

And here’s the quick and to-the-point version:

Coaching is a collaborative process that offers clients clarity, focus, and on-going support for their dreams, goals, and challenges.

So, would coaching be a good idea for you?

Maybe. Do you feel like you need someone to talk to — someone who can offer you total confidentiality, because he doesn’t know you or anyone you know? Would it help to talk to someone who’s been through what you’re experiencing, and then has studied and written about it ever since?

If you’re in the midst of your Divorce, or still dealing with its aftereffects, I can serve as someone with no other agenda than listening to you. Together, we can discover the solutions and pathways that will move you through your Divorce as efficiently as possible.

Or, if you’re someone whose marriage is at a point where you’re considering Divorce, I can offer an open, secure atmosphere in which to discuss your options. By playing out the scenarios and exploring the pros and cons with an unattached thinking partner, you’ll be best positioned to make the right choice for yourself.

Check out the video below for more about me, and how simple it is to arrange a completely free, no obligation, Discovery Session phone call. If you like what you hear, click the button below the video box, and we’ll get the process started. 

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