Avoid These Dating Deal Breakers

A couple weeks back we featured an article about Over 50 dating deal breakers, including poor health, financial instability, and lack of attractiveness.

In this piece, dating Coach Ronnie Ann Ryan references that survey, but takes it a step further. She points out that one can never know whose health will turn bad or who will suffer a financial turnaround, but suggests that her female clients should avoid men who are already on the road to those problems. She offers tips for bumping up one’s attractiveness, both physically and spiritually, and concludes with some words of wisdom about unrealistic expectations.  Fairly basic, ladies, but worth a look…

Twofer: Dating Advice For Both Men and Women

Joe Seldner writes on a variety of topics for Huffington Post, but quite often about dating and romance for Over 50’s.

Here are two pieces from him, one on Dating Tips For Men Over 50, and Dating Advice For Women Over 50.

For the men, his advice is pretty basic:  be positive and listen.  His tips for women are more complicated, including topics such as body image, money, sex, and control.  In other words, he seems to be saying men are simple, while women are complex. Anyone disagree?

Don’t Make These First Date Mistakes

Ken Solin is a dating coach who specializes in the Over 50 demographic.  He’s appeared on the Today Show, and written for Huffington Post, AARP, about.com, and others.  He has two books available, The Boomer Guide to Finding True Love On-Line, and Act Like a Man.

In this piece, Ken writes about First Date Mistakes, drawing on his insight from counseling clients, as well as comments that have been posted on articles he’s written. As he says, it’s not rocket science, but his article makes several points that should help increase your odds of getting a second date.

Who wants to relate their own bad date story, whether the villain or the victim?  Please click Read More and use the Comments section to tell us your tale…

Must Read: Dating Over 50

Deborah Copaken is a best-selling author whose work has appeared in the New York Times, The New Yorker, The Wall Street Journal, and other leading publications.  Writing for The Mid, she addresses dating at our age, answering the questions she hears so often from her married friends.  Topics include how she finds dates, what she does on the dates, and, of course, sex.

Beyond the nuts-and-bolts, though, she expresses her philosophy about relations, love, and marriage with tremendous clarity, maturity, and honesty.  This piece is not only perfect for our Di-Curious (Divorce Curious) users, it’s extremely valuable to any single person Over 50.  In fact, in the long and illustrious life of Divorced Over 50 (two and a half weeks!), Deborah’s piece is the first to be declared a Must Read.



Newsflash: Over 50’s Are Discerning About the People We Date

USA Today reports on a survey commissioned by the Over 50 dating site Ourtime.com, and guess what they found — we’re actually discerning about the people we want to date!  Yes, we will not go out with just anyone! The top deal breakers are poor health, uncertain finances, and physical unattractiveness, with about 75% of respondents citing those factors.  Not surveyed was the percentage of Over 50’s who say extravagant finances go a long way toward making up for a lack of attractiveness.

There’s more in the piece concerning attitudes about being amicable with your ex, and getting married again.  It’s worth a quick look.

Thinking About a Dating Coach?

Lisa Copeland, who runs the Find a Quality Man website, calls herself “The dating coach who makes finding love after 50 fun and easy.”  Lisa came to be an expert the old-fashioned way: she earned it.  Frustrated by the men she was meeting after a divorce, she immersed herself in everything she could find about dating, and in less than a year was seeing the kind of quality men she’d been hoping to meet.  Soon friends were asking for guidance, and next thing she knew a business was born.  

Men Speaking Truthfully… No, Really

Wanted to mix it up with a video about dating Over 50.  And frankly, most of what’s out there is very amateurish, people just talking into the camera, not making a whole lot of sense, losing track of where they are in their list of points, even getting interrupted by barking dogs.

This video from 2ndAct.tv is a very well done, professional piece. It features a few men talking with an interviewer about what they’re looking for, and a group of women discussing their experiences with a (male) therapist.  It’s worth the six minutes or so to take a look (and you won’t need your reading glasses!).