“Female Viagra” Is No Miracle Drug

As we just dealt with improving male sexual response, it’s now the ladies’ turn (and we’ll pass up the obvious joke opportunities…).  You may have heard that an FDA panel has recommended approval of the drug Flibanserin, popularly known as Female Viagra.  Which sounds great. Except, as as this article from Vox explains, the drug offers very minimal results (one additional “sexually satisfying event” per month) with a pretty high chance of side effects (low blood pressure, dizziness, fainting).  Critics call the whole thing a marketing ploy by Big Pharma, just looking for a new product to sell.

Can “Thinking Young” Keep You Young?

The New York Times Magazine ran a long and detailed article last Fall focusing on the work of Harvard Professor of Psychology, Ellen Langer.  Dr. Langer believes that people can heal, or rejuvenate, themselves through the use of a psychological “prime” that triggers the body take curative measures all by itself.