Think Positive to Fight Divorce Shame

Did you feel shame about getting Divorced?

Did you blame yourself and/or your ex, wallowing in negativity that builds upon itself, feeling depressed, angry, and resentful?

Or, did you accept that you may have made some bad choices, but you’re a good person, who will move forward with a  positive mindset? 

Celebrate Your Divorce? Absolutely!

When we were kids, it seemed like there was a shame about getting Divorced.  Those going through it felt like failures, and were the objects of sympathy or pity.  If the neighbors’ split was discussed at your family dinner table, it was in hushed, sad tones (though your parents probably gossiped about it giddily when they were alone).

Today, Divorce has become so common — particularly in our Over 50 demographic — we almost greet the news with a “So what else is new?” attitude.  But is it possible for divorcing people to not only avoid feeling shame, but to actually celebrate their divorce?