Di-Curious Survey: Results of Our Best/Worst Poll

divorced over 50, survey

Back at the end of April, I offered Divorced Over 50 users a quick survey. It asked respondents their gender and how long they’ve been divorced, and then presented two open ended questions: “What are the BEST things about being a divorced person over 50,” and “What are the WORST things about being a divorced person over 50.” 

I summarized the responses into an article which started running at Huffington Post on May 4th. The article was aimed at those who are Divorce Curious, or Di-Curious as we call them around here. And its point was to offer additional information to that Di-Curious man or woman, hopefully helping him or her better understand how life may go if they choose divorce, or one is forced on them.

For the users of this site who are already divorced, I thought you might be interested to compare your experiences to the survey results. And for you Di-Curious who missed the article on Huffington, here’s a look at what you may experience if it comes to a Divorce Over 50. (A quick note — the HP article offered readers a chance to take the survey, too, so many additional responses have come in and are reflected in what follows…) 

Newsflash: Over 50’s Are Discerning About the People We Date

USA Today reports on a survey commissioned by the Over 50 dating site Ourtime.com, and guess what they found — we’re actually discerning about the people we want to date!  Yes, we will not go out with just anyone! The top deal breakers are poor health, uncertain finances, and physical unattractiveness, with about 75% of respondents citing those factors.  Not surveyed was the percentage of Over 50’s who say extravagant finances go a long way toward making up for a lack of attractiveness.

There’s more in the piece concerning attitudes about being amicable with your ex, and getting married again.  It’s worth a quick look.