Is Divorce Something to Love?

divorced over 50

Can you say you love your Divorce? Or that you love the idea of Divorce?

I would not in either case. I’ll go with the philosophy espoused here: Divorce is never the plan, and it’s not ideal, but it can be a positive that allows us to hit the reset button, be the person we want to be, and move forward into a better future. So maybe I’ll admit to having a crush on Divorce.

However, I have to say, blogger Tara Eisenhard makes some compelling arguments in her piece, Why Do I Love Divorce.  

Eisenhard is both the child of Divorce, and is Divorced herself. In addition to saying she’s fascinated by the topic, Eisenhard notes that both her parents’ Divorce and her own caused her life to improve. Moreover, she says Divorce solves a problem, and opens a new door to freedom and creativity.  And she admits part of her affection may just be because she’s a contrarian, and likes to go against the norm.

Loving Divorce as she does, Eisenhard even wants to see a society where it is not only accepted, but even commemorated in family-focused rituals, complete with Divorce gift registries.

I truly applaud the upbeat approach she takes. Her piece, and her blog, will certainly provide some much needed positivity as you move through your own Divorce Over 50. Check her out…