Top Tips For Coping With Divorce

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Would you like the opportunity to ask over 30 relationship experts for their Top Tips on coping with a Divorce?

Well, I can’t offer you that, but luckily someone else did ask, and their answers are presented here in a well organized list. 

Ten different Divorce topics are covered, with a few different experts offering their advice within each. These categories include:

  1. Realize it’s okay to get all emotional
  2. Don’t deal with the situation alone
  3. Always, always strive to move on
  4. Detach from all the drama
  5.  Find your happiness
  6. Don’t forget the kids
  7. Think of Divorce as an opportunity for self-improvement
  8. Quit on things you can’t control
  9. Maintain a guiltless relationship with your ex
  10. Healing takes time

Shockingly, no one asked for my words of wisdom, but if they had, I’d most likely have weighed in on #7 above. And I would have offered the core philosophy of Divorced Over 50: Divorce wasn’t part of the plan, and it’s not ideal. But if it happens, it gives you the opportunity to hit the reset button, and get back to being the you you want to be. Recognize that it will take time, and there will be pain, but you can move through your Divorce to a brighter future. And if finding new romance is a goal, you have a tremendous advantage now: Not only do you know yourself better, you’ll be judging new partners on who they actually are, not who you hope they’ll become someday.

I strongly recommend you read through the whole list, and find a way to keep it handy to check back occasionally. There are lots of good thoughts to keep in mind.

(I always like to credit the author of any piece I link to, but it’s just not clear — as you’ll see, the article is posted by a law firm in Tampa Bay, Florida).