Offer Forgiveness — It’s the Best Thing For YOU

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Forgiveness is one of the most important steps a person can take in working through the Three Stages of his or her Divorce. Whether it’s forgiving a spouse who wronged you, forgiving yourself for the role you played in the Divorce, or a combination, it’s only to your benefit. Holding on to anger and pain only hurts you, and can affect your future relationships.

As we know, however, it’s easier said than done. And especially if you were the victim of a betrayal, it can be very difficult to reach that point of letting it go.

Which Way to Go: Divorce or Legal Separation?

If your Divorce has already worked its way through the court system, this post won’t do you much good (though it will have info you can pass along to others, or keep in mind if your next marriage doesn’t work out, either…)

But if you’re Divorce-Curious, still living together though someone’s leaving soon, or in the initial stages of your split, you will be faced with an important decision: File for Divorce, or start with a legal separation? Different states have different laws, so your location may affect your choices. But if you have an option, there are a number of factors you may want to consider.

Just Got Divorced Over 50? Here’s Step One

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If you’ve just joined the ranks of the Divorced Over 50’s, or you’re in the process of doing so, chances are excellent you feel like crap. Whether you wanted the split or not, you’re hurting.  A lot. A lot of the time.

It may seem hard to believe right now, but you will get through this. And at some point, eventually, you’re going to emerge a better, stronger, happier, more secure person.

But first you have to grieve.

Ten Ways to Survive Your Divorce Over 50

Going through a Divorce Over 50 isn’t ideal. And it isn’t easy. There’s pain, and sadness, and loneliness.

But, eventually, things improve, and you find you’re able to embrace your situation and move forward toward a brighter, happier future.

So, what steps can you take to get through the darkness and into the light as quickly as possible?  

The Friends — You’ll Win Some, and You’ll Lose Some

Going through a divorce means dividing up everything you acquired as a couple. The distribution of the financial assets is decided by mediation or court order; it can go easily, or be very difficult and painful. When it comes to dividing the friends, however, there is no controlling authority… and very often it’s filled with difficulty and pain.

5 Essential Nutrients For Over 50’s

Here’s a solid article about five nutrients we Over 50’s need to be sure we’re consuming. It not only tells you what you need, but includes information on why you need it, and ways you can get it.

The writer, Debra Witt, adds a really interesting point at the very end:  We are so inundated with reports about new dietary discoveries that it’s important to check them out with your doctor or a registered dietitian before making any changes. She says that many insurance plans will cover a dietitian visit just because you’re Over 50; the likelihood increases if you’re being treated for a chronic condition like diabetes, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol (and how many of us are not being treated for something like that?).  So check with your provider — it could be a great opportunity to improve your health on your insurance company’s dime.