Is It Okay to Lie In Your Online Dating Profile?

I have believed, and written, that it’s best to be honest when putting together your online dating profile.

My thinking has been, if your primary online photo is ten years old, all you’re going to do is disappoint your date when you meet in person. Same thing if you’ve exaggerated or under-reported your height or weight. My belief has been that there’s no recovering from that initial deception.

But what if I’m wrong?

Thinking About a Dating Coach?

Lisa Copeland, who runs the Find a Quality Man website, calls herself “The dating coach who makes finding love after 50 fun and easy.”  Lisa came to be an expert the old-fashioned way: she earned it.  Frustrated by the men she was meeting after a divorce, she immersed herself in everything she could find about dating, and in less than a year was seeing the kind of quality men she’d been hoping to meet.  Soon friends were asking for guidance, and next thing she knew a business was born.  

Creating Your On-Line Profile

Came across a blog called Head-Heart-Health, written by Katie Paul.  She sounds like a really interesting woman, who’s been through a lot, but come out stronger and wiser.

She’s written a great four-part post on creating your best possible on-line dating profile.  It’s aimed at women, but I think guys can profit from reading it, too.  In fact, I wish I’d seen her piece before my own attempt at on-line dating.