Top Ten Posts On Divorced Over 50

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You know what posts you look at on Divorced Over 50, but have you ever wondered what other people are clicking on?

Here you go, the Top Ten Posts of the last year on

  1. Sex and the Single Woman Over 50
  2. Sex and the Postmenopausal Woman
  3. What Do Women Want In Bed?
  4. Become an Over 50 Sex Goddess
  5. Sex Tips, and Products, Available Here
  6. Tips For First Date Conversation
  7. Gray Divorce Gets the N.P.R. Treatment
  8. How to Tell Your Spouse It’s Over
  9. Offer Forgiveness – It’s the Best Thing For YOU
  10. 10 Tips on Seducing a Woman… From a Woman

Anybody surprised? If you missed any of the above, just click on the link to see what’s so interesting to your fellow DO50’s…