Over 50’s Offer Over 50 Beauty Advice

This article from the New York Times focuses on three women Over 50 and their attitudes toward aging and the cosmetics industry.

Andrea Robinson, who has worked for several leading cosmetics companies as well as fashion magazines, says not enough attention is paid to the hormonal shifts that occur in women Over 50, and the effects that has on their skin. She’s written a book, Toss the Gloss –Beauty Tips, Tricks & Truths for Women 50+, that she hopes will “unconfuse” these women who’ve been dismissed by the cosmetics industry.

Can “Thinking Young” Keep You Young?

The New York Times Magazine ran a long and detailed article last Fall focusing on the work of Harvard Professor of Psychology, Ellen Langer.  Dr. Langer believes that people can heal, or rejuvenate, themselves through the use of a psychological “prime” that triggers the body take curative measures all by itself.