Female Sexuality Over 50 – It Can Be Complicated

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As we all know, human sexuality can be complicated. Then, when you’re Over 50, it can get additionally complicated. And for women Over 50, due to both societal factors and their own physiology, it can become more complicated still.

Though plenty of mature Divorced women are finding their sexuality reignited (see our January post “Sex and the Single Woman Over 50”), that isn’t always the case. Both the “mind” and the “body” issues that come into play Over 50 can have a negative effect. 

Addressing the physical issues, healthywomen.org offers this piece, cleverly titled “Sex After 50.” It explains the very important role estrogen plays for female sexuality, and what can happen when levels naturally decline with age. The good news is that medical treatments are available, as are over-the-counter solutions. The bottom line is that any woman who wants an active, exciting sex life should have one, and that discussing issues with her medical professional can help make that a reality.

As for the mental aspects of female sexuality Over 50, yourtango.com offers “5 Tips To Keep Your Post-50 Sex Life ROCKING and ROLLING” (they definitely work harder on their titles at yourtango than at healthywomen…). Writer Lori Rubenstein, starting from the assumption that your menopausal hormones are under control, offers these suggestions:

  1. Show your confidence
  2. Flirt more often
  3. Know your body, and be able to communicate your needs
  4. Be flexible in mind and spirit
  5. Use it or lose it

Check out the full article to fill in the details. Then, between both her “mind” piece and the “body” piece cited above, you will hopefully be able to validate Lori’s belief that your “sex life can be enhanced and expanded as [you] age.”