The Drug Store at Our Age: Awkward!

Had dinner with my friend Andy last night.  He’s in his sixties, looks and acts much younger.  Widowed a few years ago, Andy’s begun dating, so we always compare notes.  In fact, via, he was in touch with the same woman who had emailed me she looked great naked, but turns out neither one of us got the chance to confirm her opinion.

Passing by a CVS on the way to eat, Andy mentioned how awkward he feels going into a drug store to buy condoms.   With all the choices available now, you need to carefully study the various packs, but the longer you stand there fondling the merchandise, the more embarrassing it is.  Of course, as teenagers, having to ask the pharmacist for a pack was pretty embarrassing, too.  Anyone else remember a particularly funny scene in the 1971 film, “Summer of ’42”?

To me, the easiest solution is to buy them on amazon.  Read all the info on all the styles, read the reviews, make an informed decision from the comfort and privacy of your home.

Click below and use the comments section to tell us your condom stories, and your suggestions for buying them.  And ladies, do you buy them, too?  Please share on the next page…