Exercising Your Options: Quicker May Be Better

When it comes to exercise, we’ve all heard the phrase “No pain, no gain.”

We Over 50’s know it’s important to engage in some level of exercise, though at this point we’re even less inclined to endure a lot of pain then we were way back when.

But what if we could get the benefits of exercise, with just a a bit of pain? Like seven minutes worth? Would you do it?

According to this article in the New York Times, there’s scientific evidence that the right kind of high-intensity interval training can provide the same fitness benefits as endurance training, but in much less time.

The Times offers a simple workout routine consisting of twelve exercises done for thirty seconds each, with ten seconds of rest in between. No special equipment is required; you just need a chair and some wall space. And you’re supposed to do each exercise at about 80% of your capacity.

I had been working out for thirty minutes on an elliptical machine. I switched to the 7 Minute Workout a couple months ago, and find that I’m more exhausted, and feel it longer, than half an hour on the elliptical.

Does that mean shorter is better? I don’t know. And I still add an elliptical workout to the 7 Minute routine on occasion, as I think sustaining an elevated heart rate is important for me.

That being said, there’s no doubt I’m working out more frequently, as it’s just so easy to find seven minutes.

As you’ll see in the article, you can play the workout animation on your computer, phone, or tablet. So check it out — you’ve really got no excuse.