The Over 50 Step-by-Step Guide to Online Dating, Part II

Recently I posted an article that offered Over 50’s a step-by-step guide for getting started on a full-profile online dating site. It included tips on choosing a screen name, adding pictures, and completing both the “essay” and “multiple choice” portions of their profile. It’s available here.

Now, let’s continue with the next steps after your profile has gone live.

The Over 50 Step-by-Step Guide to Online Dating

Last month, I wrote a piece on the differences between what men worried about when they were dating in their teens (“Will she laugh at my peach fuzz?”) compared to their concerns when dating Over 50 (“Will she laugh at my back hair?”). You can read the other 24 here.

When it comes to overall changes in the world of dating between then and now, the very best improvement has to be online dating. Truly, it’s an historic innovation that ranks up there with the cotton gin, penicillin, and those lights in the parking garages that show you which spaces are empty.

Online dating just makes everything so simple.

Creating Your On-Line Profile

Came across a blog called Head-Heart-Health, written by Katie Paul.  She sounds like a really interesting woman, who’s been through a lot, but come out stronger and wiser.

She’s written a great four-part post on creating your best possible on-line dating profile.  It’s aimed at women, but I think guys can profit from reading it, too.  In fact, I wish I’d seen her piece before my own attempt at on-line dating.