Libido Over 50: It’s More About Mindset Than Hormones

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Dr Christiane Northrup, MD is a board certified OB/GYN and a past president of the American Holistic Medical Association. She’s also a New York Times bestselling author.

In an article for Vibrant Nation, she asserts that the reason women Over 50 experience a decreased libido is not because of menopause, but rather because they’re locked into an old way of thinking about, and having, sex.

She believes women have been brainwashed, and offers 10 Tips to help them change their mindset and enjoy better sex Over 50.  Though her piece is aimed at women, DO50 men will certainly benefit from it as well; it provides insight into what women are thinking and feeling, which should help them better please their partners. Hopefully, mature men understand that the more pleasure they give a woman, the more she’ll want to be sexual with them, creating a wonderful positive feedback loop.

Some of Dr. Northrup suggestions are behavioral, such as ask for what you want, and focus on your pleasure to enhance his. Others are medical, like consider vaginal estrogen, check your vitamin D levels, and get enough sleep.

In her final tip, Dr. Northrup says that the number one predictor of good midlife libido is a new partner. For her married readers, she’s suggesting they become that new partner by taking to heart (and other places) the previous nine suggestions. Divorced Over 50’s, though, get to double the effect, remaking themselves and adding an actual new lover to their lives. Which could lead to some phenomenal sex for DO50’s.

And in fact, as my book Gray Divorce Stories makes abundantly clear, many  women are finding their new sex lives absolutely amazing. Of course a huge part of that is they’re out of a bad marriage and free of their former spouse. But they are also embracing new opportunities available as single, mature women, unshackled from “rules” and expectations of three or four decades ago. Even women who are yet to connect with a partner have their libido back; as one told me, “I haven’t found the right guy yet, but when I do, he’s is going to be one happy, happy man!”