What Dating Sites Are You Using?

I went searching for reviews of dating sites for folks over 50, but really struggled to find a post that was clear, unbiased, and didn’t exist solely for affiliate marketing.  Until I came across this interactive article from Liz Stock. Liz has laid it all out beautifully — click on the statement that best describes you and what you’re looking for, and you get a list of of relevant sites, details about them, and suggestions for using them best.  Seriously, this is a great resource. And if you use it, please click the links she provides, as that helps her receive some compensation.

Have you used the “mainstream” sites like Match, e-Harmony, and OKCupid? How has that gone for you? I’ll note that Liz does not include Tinder.  Are you using it?  Is it working for you?  Click below, and please tell your story in the Comments…