Become an Over 50 Sex Goddess

Pamela Madsen is in her fifties, stands five-foot three inches tall, and describes herself as “the slightly chubby woman next door.”  She further describes herself as a Sex Goddess, and says she can teach any other woman to become one, too.  

Madsen, who writes, speaks, and coaches on women’s health and sexuality, says becoming a sex goddess has nothing to do with “natural beauty” or having long legs. Rather, it starts with putting an end to the hateful remarks a woman says to herself about her body — no more swipes, no more self-deprecating humor. Moreover, that woman has to stop her friends from making similar comments.

In her 4 Tips on How To Be a Mid Life Sex Goddess Without Tripping on Stilettos,  Madsen continues that turning yourself into a more sensual person starts from the inside out.  Rather than continuing to be disconnected from your body, you’ll move into a place of self loving, self healing, and sexy empowerment.

Her four tips are quite simple, and the whole piece is worth the read for women Over 50, and for men who care for a woman Over 50.