Sex Tips, and Products, Available Here

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Remember that book from back when we were so much younger, The Joy of Sex? Published in 1972, it seemed incredibly explicit for a mainstream book, which is probably why it spent 70 weeks on the New York Times Bestseller List and has sold over 12 million copies. I’ll admit to looking through my parents’ copy, and I’m confident a whole bunch of you did the same.

A lot’s changed since those days, as significantly more explicit material (remember the book’s simple sketches of that very normal looking couple?) is just a click or two away. Much of the current stuff, however, is more about titillation (and another four-syllable word that ends with “…tion”) than instruction.

So where can you go to get some pointers on sex? 

A British sex-toy company called Carvaka hosts a page on its site full of tips to spice up your sex life. Topics include positions, providing pleasure to your partner, dealing with some sexual issues, bondage, and (surprise, surprise) using sex toys.

There’s plenty of other information on the site, including the most thorough guides to choosing and using a vibrator that have ever been written. Yes, those articles are obviously aimed at women, but I have a funny feeling a lot of guys are going to check them out as well…

Enjoy, everybody!