In Praise of Older Men

gray divorce, divorced over 50

Great news, guys: At least one woman out there says she’d rather have sex with a man Over 50 than a 25 year old with a tight round butt, firm six pack, and rippling hard muscles.

No, seriously.

That woman, Katherine Ann Forsythe, is a sexuality educator with a specialty in intimacy and aging. And she backs up her assertion in a piece called “Why I’d Rather Sleep with a Man Over 50.”

As you’ll see in her article, she cites a number of reasons why we older guys make better lovers. These include the fact that we’re not in a hurry, we put our partner’s needs first, and we know that intercourse is not the only way to have great sex.

Forsythe says that older men will naturally see their vascular and neurological systems become less efficient (in other words, it takes longer to get it up and it may not always stay that way), but we can make up for that by becoming more skillful and creative (as in concentrating on our partner and being open to a variety of erotic adventures). Additionally, she suggests older men will be more confident, and also communicate better in regards to sex.

Some DO50 men may read all this and think, “Great, I’m going to go find a thirty-year-old to impart my talents to.” Those men, however, would be making a huge mistake if they turn away from women their own age. I say this because one of my biggest take-aways from the interviews for my book Gray Divorce Stories  is the incredible sexuality of DO50 women. Unshackled from old-fashioned morality, free of a disliked spouse, unconcerned about pregnancy, and with no kids at home, many of these women expressed their readiness and desire for an active, fulfilling sex life — whether in a committed relationship or not.

And, of course, with the age-appropriate partner, you’ll actually have something to talk about afterwards.