First Love, Take Two!

On-line dating has opened up a whole world of possibilities  for Divorced Over 50’s looking for love.  Call it the “new school” approach.  As it turns out, though, many single people of our generation are having great success going old school — literally. 

That’s old school, as in high school.  According to this article and five minute video from the CBS Sunday Morning show, there’s a definite trend of former high school sweethearts reconnecting three or four decades later and finding that the old spark is still there.  (Of course, they do mix in a little new school by using Facebook to actually track each other down and get in touch).

According to one study, former sweethearts who meet back up later in life have a 70% chance of that relationship becoming permanent.  As an anthropologist explains, “…you never forget the person.  And if the timing is right and they come back, you can trigger that brain circuitry for romantic love almost instantly and be back in love again.”

It’s a nice story, definitely worth reading and/or watching.  And maybe you’ll be inspired to click off of and do a Facebook search for that special someone from way back when.