The “Fix Up” — Can It Be Fixed Up?

Ah, the fix-up.  The time-tested, totally analog method of finding a date.  It may have led to your first marriage, your parents’ marriage, their parents’ marriage, ad infinitum.  But many Over 50’s say they’re not having any luck getting fixed-up these days.  Is there a way to do it better? 

Absolutely, says dating coach Sandy Weiner, who claims the key is to approach getting a fix-up the same way you would getting more business — by networking.

In this article, Weiner suggests that in addition to asking your friends who they know for a possible set-up, ask who else they might know who could also be a set-up source for you. And, as any good networker knows, you’ve got to prime the pump and help your potential referrers come up with ideas.

For example, don’t just ask your friend Nancy if she knows any great guys to set you up with, help her by being more specific.  Is there anyone in your office who’s single and might be a good match?  What about at your gym — any potential candidates in that Spin Class you’re always talking about?

Additionally, ask Nancy who else she knows that might be able to help you:  What about your husband?  Any possibilities at his law firm — doesn’t have to be a partner, even an “of counsel” would be okay.  And what about your friend Jennifer, the office manager of that insurance agency? That place has got to be teeming with guys.

There are certainly no guarantees in the world of dating, but Weiner’s networking approach to the fix-up should definitely give you a better shot at finding Mr. or Ms. Right.