Ten Ways to Survive Your Divorce Over 50

Going through a Divorce Over 50 isn’t ideal. And it isn’t easy. There’s pain, and sadness, and loneliness.

But, eventually, things improve, and you find you’re able to embrace your situation and move forward toward a brighter, happier future.

So, what steps can you take to get through the darkness and into the light as quickly as possible?  

Writer Shari Lifland of her Nobody’s Bringing Me Casseroles blog has produced a list of ten action items that will help a Divorced person deal with, and ultimately overcome, the issues and challenges that arise in his or her situation.

Her piece makes such important points as:

  • Cancel the pity party — plenty of people have it way worse than you.
  • Stop being angry at your ex — you’re only hurting yourself.
  • Stay healthy — exercising and eating right are particularly important now.
  • Reach out to others — they want to help, but don’t know how, so take the initiative.
  • Make a new plan — your life will be different than you originally expected; accept it.

Shari’s excellent article is exactly in line with the philosophy of Divorced Over 50.  No matter how you ended up in this situation, you can come through it and end up better off.  It’s not an easy process, and we all make our way through it differently, but brighter days are ahead!