Going Back to Work After Divorce

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Lots of things change when you go through a Divorce.

In addition to ending your relationship with your spouse, you may also lose connections with friends. You may have to move into a new house or apartment. And for a significant number of people, it means going back to work.

Traditionally, it’s the formerly stay-at-home-mom who has to rejoin the working world, but it can certainly happen to men, as well.

And for Over 50’s who need to return to work after decades out of the job market, the process can be daunting.

In a post on divorcemag.com, career coach Nancy Rabern offers “9 Tips for Going Back to Work After a Divorce.”

A couple of trends appear in Rabern’s list, including:

  • Be flexible — Just because you did a certain kind of work way back when doesn’t mean that’s what you want (or need) to be doing now. In fact, a great job for you now may not have even existed the last time you went to work. So be open to new ideas and new roles.
  • Be aggressive — Once you’ve figured out what you’re looking for, tell everyone you can that you’re in the market for that job. Develop a concise “elevator pitch” about why you’d be good at it, and be prepared to deliver your pitch any chance you get.
  • Do your research — Use LinkedIn to contact people who have the job you’re pursuing, and see if they’ll tell you how they got it. Google the job title you want to find resumes of other people in the field so you can compare your skill set.

Even if you’re not looking for a job now, it couldn’t hurt to become familiar with the full list of tips. And for those who are seeking work, Rabern’s suggestions may just make the difference in getting you employed.