Tips For Online Dating Safety and Success

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Are you ready to try dating again? If you are, there’s good news and bad news.

The good news: it’s so much easier now than it was three decades ago. Online dating has increased the pool of potential dates exponentially. Before, you had to either be set up by friends or family, or meet the person in real life, perhaps at work, the gym,  or a bar. Now, via online dating, you can find people of interest right there on your computer screen or smart phone. Contacting them couldn’t be easier, and any old taboos against women making the first move have disappeared.

But the bad news: you know very little about those potential dates, and have to be really careful.

To help you both find dates and protect yourself when you get together with them, here are two articles from my local paper, The Los Angeles Times.

The first is about using some of the newer dating apps. You’re probably at least heard of and eHarmony, but this article introduces you to some of the most recent apps, like Bumble, Coffee Meets Bagel, and Hinge. It’s aimed at younger readers, but there’s still plenty of useful information. And there’s no reason Over 50’s can’t try these next generation apps.

And then, when you do find someone of interest, you’ll want to keep in mind the safety tips offered here. They’re pretty common-sense, and hopefully our generation would take these steps naturally, but it’s still worth being reminded.

Good luck, and happy dating!