Can Yoga Help In Your Divorce Over 50?

So what are your thoughts about yoga?

Kinda “hippy-dippy?”  Something exotic, out there, and only practiced by much younger people?

The fact is that yoga can be of tremendous benefit to people Over 50, as it improves health, eases pain, and improves balance. And because yoga has also been shown to elevate mood, reduce stress, and make you happier, it sounds perfect for anyone going through, or recovering from, a Divorce Over 50.   

In this piece from AARP, yoga expert Carol Krucoff strongly suggests Over 50 beginners find a class specifically designed for older adults. Moreover, it’s important to confirm that your teacher is experienced and truly knowledgable about yoga, rather than just a exercise instructor who took a weekend class on the topic.

Additional points Krucoff makes include:

  • Yoga is not just for the fit and flexible — if you’re breathing, you can do it.
  • You do not have to do any headstands.
  • There are many different styles; find the one that best fits your needs and abilities.
  • Yoga should never hurt.
  • Yoga is not just a workout; rather, it’s a powerful form of mind-body medicine.
  • Before starting, you should check with your doctor if you’ve had some health issues.

If you’d like to read up on the topic, prefer to get your instruction from a book, or don’t live near a yoga studio, see below: